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Elk RiverFest Community Partner Form

  1. 2022 Elk RiverFest Community Partner Form
  2. Elk RiverFest - July 30, 2022

    New in 2022, the City of Elk River is teaming up with ISD 728 Community Education to bring as many of our great community organizations together at Lion John Weicht Park for Elk RiverFest, on Saturday, July 30.

    Community Ed will host a Healthy Kids Zone which will include organizations and vendors that are resources for physical health, mental health, emotional health and family services.

    Don't worry, if you're a community organizations or non-profit that does not align with the Healthy Kids Zone "theme" there may still be a place for you to bring awareness about your group at Elk RiverFest.

    There is no fee to participate as a Community Partner organization. 

    For-profit businesses will not be selected to participate. 

  3. If other than the traditional 10x10 booth size, please indicate what size area you're requesting here.

  4. Questions:

    Contact Karen Wingard with any questions or to learn about other Elk RiverFest sponsorship opportunities.

    Detailed location maps and setup/take down information will be provided two weeks prior to the event.


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