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  1. 2019 Landowner's Permission Slip
  2. Request For Reserve Support

    To request support from the Elk River Police Reserves please complete and submit the form.

  3. Send Adam Bebeau an Email
  4. Send Angie Fisher an Email
  5. Send Brian Boos an Email
  6. Send Christina Bolduc and email
  7. Send Dale Olmscheid an Email
  8. Send Darren McKernan an Email
  9. Send David Windels an Email
  10. Send Don Birdsall an Email
  11. Send Eric Balabon an Email
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  14. Send Joe Firkus an Email
  15. Send Jonathan Christie an Email
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  17. Send Kris Sandhoefner an Email
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  19. Send Mark Edlund an Email
  20. Send Mike Suchy an Email
  21. Send Nicholas Albert an Email
  22. Send Reid Ellanson an Email
  23. Send Robert Kluntz an Email
  24. Send Ryan Sisterman an Email
  25. Send Todd Erickson an Email
  26. Send William Koch an Email
  1. Night to Unite Report Card
  2. Security Checklist Request

    If you are planning to be out of town and would like the Police Department to add your property to our security checklist, please fill... More…

  3. Send Andrew Zabee an Email
  4. Send Brandon Martin an Email
  5. Send Chris Morgan an Email
  6. Send Clayton Aswegan an Email
  7. Send Dan Block an Email
  8. Send David Williams an Email
  9. Send Dawn Regan an Email
  10. Send Dylan Sandberg an Email
  11. Send Evan Patullo an Email
  12. Send Jeff Prehatney an Email
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