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Temporary Trash Stop in Service - Residential Garbage and Single Sort Recycling

  1. In the City of Elk River, per city ordinance, all residential properties shall be billed and provided trash and recycling collection. The following policy is in an effort to accommodate residents who are temporarily absent from their homes. 

    A Temporary Stop in Service is available by request only. The Temporary Stop in Service period must be a minimum period of one (1) month and a maximum period of six (6) months. The Temporary Stop in Service may not exceed six (6) months in one full calendar year. A Temporary Stop in Service may be only requested twice per calendar year. 

    A restart date must be determined at the time the Temporary Stop in Service is requested to receive the appropriate credit. This form must be completed and submitted for approval before the stop period can begin. This policy is a courtesy for residents who do not need residential trash and recycling services for temporary extended periods of time and may be modified or revoked at any time.

  2. If the restart date changes, notification must be received at least one week prior to original restart date to receive the appropriate credit.

  3. Please be sure phone number is accurate for seasonal timeframe when temporary stop is in effect.
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