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Operating Order: Residential Garbage, Refuse, Rubbish and Single Sort Recycling Door-Side Hauler Service

  1. In accordance with the City of Elk River Solid Waste Ordinance, door-side service will be provided by the hauler at the direction of the City Administrator or his/her designee for elderly and disabled customers. Residents in need of the door-side service shall apply for the service and provide justification for the added service. Determination by the City Administrator or his/her designee is final. Customers approved for door-side service shall indemnify both the hauler and the city for any damages to the residential or personal property or persons as a result of the service. Carts in need of door-side pick-up shall be easily accessible for the hauler and shall be placed in front of the garage or parking stall. The hauler shall not be required to enter through the garage, fences, or other containments.
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