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Energy City and Sustainability Youth Committee Application

  1. What is your age at the time of this application?
  2. What school are you attending at the time of this application?
  3. Please answer to the best of your ability.
  4. Which of the following areas are you interested in?*
    Please select all that apply.
  5. Letter of Recommendation

    Please provide a Letter of Recommendation from an individual that can speak on behalf of any of the following topics. Letters can be written by a teacher, family friend, boss, neighbor, or other non-relative. The Letter of Recommendation can be sent via email to or delivered to Elk River City Hall.

  6. Topics Include:
    1. How has the student shown interest in sustainability issues? 2. Will the student be dedicated to this committee? 3. Has the student shown professionalism in any other manner? 4. Does this student work well in teams? 5. How has the student demonstrated effective communication skills? 6. Does this student possess the needed organizational skills for committee work?
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