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Economic Development

  1. City Beautification Award Entry Form

    The City of Elk River strives to recognize businesses that go above and beyond to make their property shine. All applicants will... More…

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  1. Send Brent O'Neil an Email


  1. Energy City and Sustainability Youth Committee Application

    This application is for the Energy City and Sustainability Youth Committee. Applicants must be able to meet the requirements listed. In... More…

  2. Operating Order: Residential Garbage, Refuse, Rubbish and Single Sort Recycling Door-Side Hauler Service
  3. Temporary Trash Stop in Service - Residential Garbage and Single Sort Recycling

    In the City of Elk River, all residential properties shall be billed and provided trash and recycling collection. The following policy... More…

  1. LORE Photo Upload

    Upload your personal photos of the LORE project for use by the city.

  2. Organics Recycling

    Sign up for the free organics recycling program. We will send a year supply of BPI certified compostable bags to your home to collect... More…

  3. Tour Form

    Tour Form

Fire and Building Safety

  1. Report a Possible Code Violation

    If you would like to report a possible code violation, complete this form in its entirety and be as specific as possible. The fields... More…

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  1. Request for Extension

    Request for extension of time to obtain compliance with a notice of violations and order to correct.

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Fire Department Forms

  1. Adopt-a-Hydrant Sign-Up

    Sign-up and adopt one of the many hydrants in our city. By adopting a hydrant, you are offering to keep it clear of snow and ice during... More…

  2. Fire Truck Request Form

    The following form is required when requesting a fire truck to attend a community event. You will be contacted by the Elk River Fire... More…

  3. Request a Copy of a Fire Incident Report
  4. Send Rental Dwelling Licensing Division an Email
  1. Becoming A Firefighter - Ask the Fire Department

    Do you have questions about becoming a firefighter with the Elk River Fire Department (time commitment, hiring process, Fire Academy,... More…

  2. Interested Candidates
  3. Send Joe Libor Jr an Email
  4. Sound the Alarm Event Registration

Major Projects

  1. 169 Redefine - Word on the Street

    Have you heard a rumor about MnDOT's 169 Redefine project? We want to set the record straight, address rumors and answer whatever... More…

  1. COVID-19 Ask the City

    Do you have questions about city closures, cancellations, permit applications, etc. related to the COVID-19 pandemic? Please submit... More…

Permits and Licensing

  1. Ask an Inspector

    Do you have a question for an inspector? Complete the form below and an inspector will contact you within 48 hours.

  1. Report Problems with Your Rental Unit

    If you would like to report a problem in your apartment or other rental unit, complete this form. The fields with an asterisk (*) are... More…


  1. Community Partners | Elk RiverFest Form

    At this year's Elk RiverFest Family Zone, we will have a special location near our craft station to highlight community partners. This... More…

  2. Elk RiverFest Community Partner Form

    Request form for Community Partner booth at Elk RiverFest on Saturday, July 30. 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Lion John Weicht Park

  3. Outdoor Field Use Application

    Request Form

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  1. Concert Application

    Application for a band or performer for Parks and Recreation's summer concerts; Riverfront Concert Series, Entertainment in the Park or... More…

  2. Outdoor Facility Use Application

    Request Form

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  1. Compost Site New Pass Request

    Sherburne County residents will need to provide proof of residency, i.e. valid driver’s license. Passes are valid at all cities that... More…

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Volunteer Opportunities

  1. Adopt-a-Park Application
  2. Volunteer Application

    Request Form

  3. Volunteer of the Year Submission Form

    The City of Elk River Volunteer of the Year Award is an opportunity to recognize residents that exemplify community spirit and... More…

  1. Adopt-a-Park Volunteer Hours Form

    Submission of volunteer hours completed at your designated park.

  2. Volunteer of the Month Submission Form

    The Volunteer of the Month Award is an opportunity to recognize an Elk River Citizen for their contributions and commitments to... More…