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Great Northern Trail

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2020 Construction Update

The Great Northern Trail Sanitary Foremain project, led by Waste Management, Inc. (a waste disposal and management company that operates the Elk River Landfill) in cooperation with the City of Elk River, will construct a wastewater conveyance system from the Elk River Landfill to the city’s wastewater collection system for treatment at the city’s wastewater plant.

Go here for more construction details.  The Great Northern Trail will be closed beginning May 18.

Park Map

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Park Info

12495 Elk Lake Road - An abandoned railroad grade, is a paved trail that runs from County Road 1 on the south end to the northern city limits, approximately 4.75 miles.

A pedestrian tunnel exists under County Road 33 to allow unimpeded travel of the 4.5 mile trial though Elk River.

The trail is a part of and also has access to Woodland Trails Regional Park, a beautiful 427-acre park with dense woods, prairies, and wetlands. The park offers many paved and unpaved trails for year-round uses such as biking, hiking, and skiing.

The trail also offers a connection to Proctor Road to the east via “Top of the World” trails. These trails are not paved and are for hiking only.