My mailbox was damaged by a snowplow, how do I get it fixed?

Mailboxes damaged during snow removal operations will be assessed as follows:

Call the City of Elk River Street Division at 763-635-1120 or submit a request online.

A site visit will be scheduled to determine if a piece of city equipment physically hit the mailbox, or, if it was damaged from the weight of snow and ice. If physically hit by city equipment, a temporary mailbox will be installed until the ground thaws in the spring. At that time the city will install a swing-away style mailbox at no charge. If the resident prefers a different type of mailbox, they will be reimbursed up to $75 upon proof of receipt of a mailbox that they purchased. The resident is responsible for its installation.

The City is not responsible for damage to media or paper boxes and will not repair them.

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