I am a property owner; can I pull my own permits?

For the most part, property owners may perform building related trades on property they own and occupy. Property owners may also personally perform mechanical, plumbing, and  electrical on property they own and occupy. 

Rental Properties - Owners may perform building trade work. However, all plumbing, electrical & mechanical work shall be performed by a licensed contractor.

Intend to Sell Property - Owner must be state licensed if performing work on more than one property in a two-year period. All other trades require a licensed contractor. 

Tenants in a Commercial Space - Tenants may perform building trade work as long as they have written permission from the property owner. All other trades require a licensed contractor.  

For more information on who needs a license, please visit the Minnesota State Department of Labor & Industry website's licensing information page

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1. I am a property owner; can I pull my own permits?
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