What is the 'Franchise Fee' charge on my utility bill?
The City of Elk River collects a Franchise Fee on all electric and gas accounts within the city. The revenue generated from these fees pays for the maintenance of the city streets (seal coats, mill and overlays, full depth reclamations, and reconstruction). Different from most other cities, Elk River collects all needed revenue for street maintenance and reconstruction through this fee. We do not levy separate general property taxes or special assessments for this maintenance.

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1. What is the 'Franchise Fee' charge on my utility bill?
2. How can the city do this?
3. What is the money going to be used for?
4. Is this just another tax?
5. The old taxing and assessing system worked. Why did you change it?
6. I live in an apartment or town home. Will I be charged the fee?
7. How much will I be charged?
8. When will the fee collection end?
9. I have multiple bills or two or more meters on my property. Do I have to pay the fee more than once?