Taps, Kegs and More

Keg Beer


Michelob Golden Light, Coors Light and Miller Lite are usually in stock. We can order specialty kegs depending on availability.


Reservations can be made by phone or in store. We require at least one week notice. Any orders made after Wednesdays are not guaranteed.



We do not rent taps for beer kegs. 


Keg Pick Up

All kegs must be purchased and picked up by persons 21 or older. If a person other than the purchaser picks up the keg that person must show I.D. The customer is responsible for loading the keg into their vehicle


Keg Returns

No refunds on any unused beer or root beer. If keg is returned damaged you will forfeit your deposit.



Keg - $30

Root beer tap - $35


16 gallons - approximately 165 - 12 ounces servings

8 gallons - approximately 82 - 12 ounces servings

1/6 barrels (5.23 gallons) - approximately 55 - 12 ounces. servings

Social Host Ordinance

An adult who knowingly organizes, supervises, or permits a gathering on public or private property where under age people consume or possess alcohol, can be charged with a misdemeanor.