Special Event

What's the definition?

The definition of a special event is an outdoor gathering of at least 50 individuals, whether on public or private property, assembled with a common purpose for a period of one hour or longer. Special events include, but are not limited to, concerts, fairs, carnivals, circuses, parades, flea markets, marathons, walk-a-thons, festivals, races, bicycle events, celebrations, or any other gatherings or events of a similar nature. Special events do not include non-commercial events held on private property, such as graduation parties or social parties.

Do I need a Special Event Permit?

To determine if a permit is needed for your event, please contact the Deputy Clerk, at 763.635.1004.

In Need of Liability Insurance for Your Event?

If you are planning an event on city owned property and need to purchase liability insurance GatherGuard could be an option for you. Click here for more information.