Energy City

Elk River has been known as "Energy City" since 1997 when the Minnesota Environmental Initiative chose it from over 30 other applying communities to act as a geographical focal point for the demonstration of efficient and renewable energy products, services, and technologies. In 2006, Energy City was trademarked by the Minnesota Secretary of State's Office and also received a federal trademark in 2008.

Energy City works with entities interested in completing an energy efficient and economically feasible project in the Elk River area. Such entities may include builders, utility companies, government agencies, non-profits, homeowners, or businesses.

In order to provide a clear focus for Energy City, a 10-year Action Plan was developed in 2014, encompassing many city departments and city partners. The Action Plan will be reviewed annually and welcomes the input from city residents and area businesses.

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Elk River is one of five cities featured in TPT's 'Climate Smart: Cities Working Together', a new documentary highlighting UMN's Minnesota - Germany partnership regarding energy efficiency and climate protection. The Climate Smart Municipalities partnership continues to provide benefit to the city. Watch the film online now!

Sustainability Efforts Recognized

The City of Elk River made the cover of the July/August edition of Minnesota Cities magazine, a publication by the League of Minnesota Cities, for the addition of an electronic vehicle to the city’s fleet. The 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) features two electric motors and a gasoline engine which work together to ensure optimal performance depending on the driving conditions, all while reducing emissions and saving money. Environmental Coordinator, Amanda Bednar (pictured) says the city signed a three year lease for the Outlander PHEV, and multiple departments are using it with the goal of determining whether or not this, or other electric vehicles should become a permanent addition to the city’s fleet. Check out the magazine here.

League of MN Cities Cover

Elk River Municipal Utilities offers Clean Energy Choice

Residents and businesses in Elk River can enroll in the program as a low-cost way to support renewable energy and the environment. Customers can elect to have 50%, 75% or 100% of their electricity from renewable sources. Learn more about this great opportunity.