Proactive Police Programs

CPS Squad2

Elk River’s Crime Prevention Unit develops and maintains programs designed to help reduce crime through education and awareness. By partnering with the community on various programs like Neighborhood Watch, Business Watch, senior citizen crime prevention awareness and more, we can all work together to build a community where residents are involved and the opportunity for crime in Elk River continues to decrease! 

Scam Alert

SCAM ALERT: A private company from the southern United States has been soliciting businesses nationwide, but as close to us as Rogers, MN. They solicit by email and phone for a monetary donation/payment for a school fundraiser. There is a contract involved, and after you pay the company they send a large quantity of logo shirts to your local school. The school is supposed to sell them and keep all of the profits. The problem with this is that it is not a school sanctioned fundraiser.  The school does not even know anything about it until the shirts arrive, and they are not able to sell the shirts for a variety of reasons. Please do not get involved with any of these solicitations. If you are curious about school fundraisers please call the School District Office where you live or work and inquire if they have sanctioned the fundraiser.