Road Restrictions

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All streets are posted 5 ton, unless otherwise posted

 The following streets are posted 9 ton:
 The following streets are posted 7 ton:
  • 165th Ave (from Hwy 10 to RDF Plant)
  • 171st Ave (Hwy 10 to RR Tracks)
  • 193rd Ave (From Hwy 169 to Twin Lakes Road)
  • 197th Ave (Zane St. to Evans St)
  • 197th Avenue (from Irving Street to Highway 169)
  • Dodge Ave (Mn/DOT State Garage to 5th St)
  • Hwy 169 to Dodge Ave 
  • Evans St (193rd Ave to 197th Ave)
  • Freeport St. & Ave (North & South of School St.) 
  • Holt Street (from 193rd Avenue to Irving Ave)
  • Industrial Boulevard - including Triangle Road 
  • Industrial Circle (off Twin Lakes Rd)
  • Jackson Avenue 
  • Jarvis St (Hwy 10 to Railroad Tracks)
  • Main St (Hwy 169 to Proctor Ave) 
  • Proctor Ave (Main St. to Hwy 10)
  • School Street 
  • Tyler Street (175th Avenue to Twin Lakes Road)
  • Ulysses St (171st Ave to 173rd Ave)
  • Waco St (Hwy 10 to County Road 30)
  • Yale St, Zane St, Hwy 10, 171st Ave to AmericInn 
  • Zane St (Cty Rd 12 to Tyler St - Walmart and Home Depot area)
  • 173rd Ave (Ulysses St to Hwy 10)
  • 175th Ave (Twin Lakes Rd to Fillmore St)
  • 221st Ave (Cty Rd 1 to Hwy 169)
  • 225th Ave (Hwy 169 to Livonia Township)
  • 3rd St (Line Ave to cul-de-sac - Mulvaney Point)
  • 5th St (Dodge Ave to Line Ave)
  • Highland Road (from Proctor St to Jackson St)
  • Joplin St (Cty Rd 30 to Hwy 10)
  • Line Ave (Highway 10 to County Road 13)
  • Main St (from Proctor Ave to Orono Parkway)
  • Orono Parkway (from Main St to Joplin St)
  • Tyler St (Cty Rd 13 to Smith St)
  • Proctor St from Elk Lake Rd (County Rd 1) to County Road 33

Why do we enforce Road Restrictions?

Every spring, cities, counties, and the Minnesota Department of Transportation restrict the weight of vehicles allowed on certain roads. Many people look at this as an unnecessary restriction of commerce or a penalty that should be circumvented as an important method of protecting a very expensive investment.

One truck trip with an axle load of 10 tons is equivalent to 2000 plus automobile trips on any given road. In spring, when the roadbeds are going from winter’s frozen solid condition to normal summer conditions, there is a time when the pavement base turns to mush and offers little to no support for the blacktop surface. This situation occurs at different times and different depths on roads depending on moisture levels in the soil, soil temperatures, and freeze/thaw cycles.

Just one heavy load on a road can cause microscopic cracks that are forced to open wider by freeze/thaw cycles until more moisture is allowed into the road base. This process is the road’s self-destruction program that produces potholes, alligator cracking, and eventually, total road failure. That one heavy load could cause damages worth $25,000 per mile.

Don’t look at road restrictions as some sort of handicap that is imposed on the trucking and construction industry, but consider road restrictions as a way to protect and preserve our valuable road system.

Watch for load limit signs in early spring!

Other Agencies

Sherburne County Public Works 763.765.3300

Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT)