Sewer Maintenance

Maintenance Process

The Wastewater Treatment Plant staff members may use the following types of equipment when performing inspections and maintenance on its sanitary sewer system:

Jetter/VactorSewer Equipment

The jetter uses a high pressure water system to clean the sewer main of debris, such as sand, grease, and other materials that settle in the sewer main. Using a high pressure water system, the jetter propels a hose, with a specially designed nozzle, into the sewer main. The hose is then pulled back slowly while the high pressure water system flushes the materials to a downstream manhole for removal by the vactor. The vactor uses a positive displacement to create a vacuum that can lift debris from manholes. 

TV Inspection

Closed circuit television video (CCTV) inspection equipment and pipeline inspection/asset management software is used to inspect sanitary and storm sewers. The system uses a self-propelled transporter to carry the camera down the sewer main. While the camera is in operation, visual data is recorded for maintenance assessment needs. 

Manhole Inspection

Manhole inspections are performed to quickly verify how the large diameter sewers are operating, and to visually inspect signs of infiltration from the cover, walls, joints, and pipe connections. Manhole inspections should be conducted on a routine basis. 

Sewer Repairs

The property owner is responsible for any repairs on the service line from the home to the main line. The City is not responsible for repairs within the public road right-of-way. 

Sewer Pumps

If you use a sump pump in your basement, it is illegal to drain the water into the basement sanitary sewer drain or laundry tub. Sump pumps must be discharged outside of the house to the yard or drainway that will prevent the water from draining directly to the street.

Sewer Odors

Floor and sink drains usually have water filling the bottom of the drain trap, which acts as a barrier between the air in the sewer line and the air in your home. When a drain trap becomes dry, sewer odors can enter into the residence. If you experience sewer odors in your home, run water down your drain.