Current Projects

Outlined below are the major projects the Planning Division is working on. Here you will find plans or reports ready for public review and comment.

Focused Area Study Zoning

When the Focused Area Study (FAST) was approved in 2010, it anticipated the evolution of the area from rural highway dominated businesses and patterns to a more urban environment. This evolution is and will continue to be triggered by changes in housing and development, Highway 10 access, and the commuter rail station.

The FAST study identified an avenue in which the property owners could adapt to these changes, while ultimately maximizing the value of their property and operating successful, sustainable businesses.

The Comprehensive Plan, approved in May 2014, incorporated the FAST plan, requiring modifications to the zoning ordinance.

The proposed ordinance creates a new zoning district, the Southern Twin Lakes Road Business District, and as closely as possible follows the goals and objectives of the FAST study, including the development of sub-zones within the plan area. Each subzone has a purpose statement, a list of uses, bulk regulations (setbacks, heights, lot coverage) and design standards.

The Southern Twin Lakes Road Business District

The Southern Twin Lakes Road Business District is established to provide land use, architectural, and bulk regulations to the 900 acres of property located along the southern end of Twin Lakes Road, near its intersection with Highway 10.

Review the DRAFT zoning district language.

Sub Areas

Because of the diverse range of activities envisioned within the district, all within a common master plan, zoning is regulated through the development of sub-zones.

View the Sub Area Maps with draft language.  

Proposed Uses

The uses are intended to incorporate the findings and recommendations developed from the 171st FAST

Review  the proposed Permitted, Accessory, and Conditional Uses

Bulk Regulations

Setbacks, heights, lot coverage, and design standards

Review the bulk regulations