Patrol Division

2019 BadgeThe Patrol Division is commanded by Captain Darren McKernan. The 20 officers assigned to the Patrol Division are divided into 12-hour work shifts covering a 24-hour day. Each patrol shift is supervised by a sergeant. Captain McKernan is also responsible for maintaining the department's fleet of vehicles, supervising the field training unit and other patrol related activities.

Various specialized units also fall under the overall command of Captain McKernan in the Patrol Division, including:

  • Detecting and responding to law violations
  • Detecting and responding to hazards to public safety
  • Assisting the community and neighboring agencies

The Patrol Division responds to over 24,000 calls for service each year including:

  • Emergency and non-emergency calls for service
  • Initial criminal investigations
  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Accident Investigations
  • Officer initiated and directed patrol activities
  • Public education

The Patrol Division utilizes the following vehicles:

  • A fleet of 12 marked and unmarked squads
  • 1 UTV
  • A special operations vehicle
  • 5 police bicycles