Rental Dwelling Licensing

Rental Dwelling Licensing

The operation of residential rental properties is considered a business enterprise that gives rise to certain responsibilities. Per city ordinance, every rental dwelling, including single-family rental dwellings, must be licensed. All licenses must be renewed and inspected annually.

It is the purpose of the city’s rental dwelling licensing program to help ensure that Elk River’s residential communities are:

  • Safe, secure, and sanitary
  • Properly maintained and cared for
  • Free from crimes and criminal activity, noise, nuisances, or annoyances
  • Free from reasonable fears about safety of persons and security of property

The city is committed to ensuring that homes do not become nuisances or blight to the neighborhood and do not create a disincentive to invest in the community. 

If you need to apply for an initial Rental Dwelling License, complete the online application.

Canceling or Transferring a Rental Dwelling License

If your rental dwelling is no longer a rental (i.e. it is now owner occupied) or meets one of the exceptions as outlined in Sec. 30-191 of the Elk River Code of Ordinances, complete and submit an Affidavit of Non-Rental Dwelling.  

Transferring a Rental Dwelling License

Sec. 30-198, a rental dwelling license is nontransferable and shall automatically terminate within 30 days of closing on the sale of the licensed building unless, within 30 days of said closing, the new owner applies for and is granted a rental dwelling license for said building in accordance with this article.

If you are the existing owner of a licensed rental dwelling and wish to report a sale, please contact the Rental Dwelling Licensing Division at 763-635-1075 or via email

If you are the new owner of a rental dwelling and wish to continue renting the dwelling, you must submit a new application. Do not delay in applying for a new license!