Emergency Management


The Fire Chief serves as the Director of Emergency Management and is responsible for establishing procedures to respond to hazardous material emergencies, as well as coordinating duties and responsibilities with the City Administrator in order to effectively respond to an emergency situation. The Director of Emergency Management also maintains the City's Emergency Operational Plan and the City's Emergency Resource Manual.

Emergency Operations Center

The Elk River Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is a multi-agency communications and coordination center. The facility provides a central point for coordinating operational, administrative and support needs during a large scale disaster response in the City of Elk River.


During a disaster or large scale emergency, the EOC is responsible for maintaining the strategic overview. The EOC does not directly control field assets, but through direct communications, assists first responders and units in the field by:

  • Collecting, gathering, and analyzing data
  • Making strategic decisions to protect life and property
  • Maintaining government continuity
  • Ensuring adherence to applicable laws
  • Disseminating information and coordinating with other local, county, state and federal officials


One of the greatest benefits to the EOC is it puts key decision makers in the same room. When critical strategic decisions need to be made in an emergency, city staff and chief elected officials have a secure facility in which to conduct business. 

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Outdoor Warning Sirens

For the safety of Elk River residents, the City of Elk River has installed 19 outdoor warning sirens. Located strategically throughout the city, the sirens are intended to warn people who are outdoors of an imminent threat to safety.

Severe Weather Warnings

For severe weather warnings, outdoor warning siren activation in Elk River is based on the following criteria: 

  • When a Tornado Warning has been issued for the City of Elk River
  • When a public safety officer (police, fire, or EMS) reports sighting a funnel cloud or tornado
  • Sustained straight line winds in excess of 75 mph or potential for same

When Sirens are Activated

  • Seek shelter immediately
  • Tune in to a local radio or television station for information concerning the siren activation
  • Do not call emergency services dispatch (911) to ask why the sirens are sounding

Siren Testing

The siren warning system is tested on the first Wednesday of every month at 1 p.m. except in instances of threatening weather.