Utilities Commission

The Elk River Utilities Commission manages the electrical utility in Elk River and the surrounding areas that are in its district territory. The Utilities Commission also manages the water utility system in the Elk River city limits. The Commission functions in a similar manner as the City Council in terms of having all management responsibility of these two departments. For more detailed information, see Chapter 2, Article 5, "Boards and Commissions" of the Elk River City Code.

The Utilities Commission has the authority to hire employees, fix rates, purchase fuel and supplies for city distribution, and enter into agreements for utility services.

The Commission consists of five members; three citizen representatives and two City Council representatives. The Utilities Commission meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 3:30 p.m. (meeting times are subject to change). Meetings are held at the Utilities office, 13069 Orono Parkway. Commission members serve three year terms.

Agenda and meeting materials

Utilities Commission Members

Paul Bell
Phone: 763-441-4267
Term Expires: 02/28/21
John J. Dietz 
Council Representative
Phone: 763-913-4933
Term Expires: 02/28/22
Allan Nadeau 
Phone: 763-286-7810
Term Expires: 02/28/23
Mary Stewart
Term Expires: 02/28/22
Matt Westgaard
Council Representative
Phone: 763-241-0769
Term Expires: 02/28/20