Ice Arena Commission

The Ice Arena Commission is responsible for making recommendations to the City Council of the development and management of the city of Elk River Ice Arena Complex. The scope of the Commission’s responsibilities consists of advising the City Council regarding matters relevant to the development and operation of the Ice Arena Complex. For more detailed information, see Chapter 2, Article V, "Boards and Commissions" of the Elk River City Code.

The Ice Arena Commission consists of seven members who are appointed by the Council for terms of three years.Members consist of one Elk River Youth Hockey Association representative, one Independent School District 728 representative, one representative of the City Council, one representative from the Parks and Recreation Commission, one representative from the Elk River Skating Club, and two representatives from the public. Members need not be a resident of Elk River.

The Commission meets on the third Tuesdays of April and August at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall. Meetings are also held on an as-needed basis.

Agenda and meeting materials

Ice Arena Commission Members 

Brian Balabon
At-Large Representative
Phone: 763-267-7170
Term Expires: 02/28/23
Brian Ballenger 
Youth Hockey Representative
Phone: 763-241-8118
Term Expires: 02/28/20
Mike Cunningham 
School District Representative
Term Expires: 02/28/22
DeAnn Givens 
Skating Club Representative
Term Expires: 02/28/22
Kent Madsen
At-Large Representative
Phone: 763-441-6887
Term Expires: 02/28/21
Matt Westgaard 
Council Representative
Phone: 763-241-0769
Term Expires: 02/28/23
David Williams
Parks and Recreation Representative
Phone: 612-282-9923
Term Expires: 02/28/23