Energy City Commission

The Energy City Commission promotes the City of Elk River as a hub of energy technology, energy manufacturing, energy demonstrations, recycling, use of green products, and the adoption of sustainable living practices. For more detailed information, see Chapter 2, Article V, "Boards and Commissions" of the Elk River City Code.

The Energy City Commission consists of up to eleven members appointed by the City Council. Terms are three years beginning on the first day of March; however, members shall hold office until their successors have been appointed. Members shall consist of one representative of the following: City Council/Economic Development Authority, Elk River Municipal Utilities, and Elk River Chamber of Commerce. Members shall also consist of one representative designated by a school located in Elk River, and up to seven representatives from energy-related businesses, which can include consultants, manufacturers, technology, environmental, energy producers, and/or energy providers. Members shall also consist of commercial or residential customers (representatives must receive at least one city service- water, sewer, trash collection, or electric delivery); or non- profit organizations (this can include schools, youth organizations or businesses as determined by the city council). Each Commission member is also involved with at least one subcommittee: Visionary, Energy Design, Sustainable Living, Demonstration.

The Commission meets quarterly on the third Wednesday of February, May, August, and November at 8:30 a.m. at Elk River City Hall.

Agenda and meeting materials

Energy City Commission Members

Anne Anderson
School Representative
Phone: 612-269-8063
Term Expires: 2/28/20
Paula Bernard
Residential Customer Representative
Term Expires: 02/28/19
Trish Curtis
Energy-Related Business Representative
Phone: 612-469-6291
Term Expires: 02/28/21
Henry Griner
Energy-Related Business Representative
Phone: 612-234-1685
Term Expires: 02/28/21
Harley Hanson
Chamber of Commerce Representative
Phone: 612-360-4453
Term Expires: 02/28/21
Glenn Hauck
Energy-Related Business Representative
Phone:  612-308-9555
Term Expires: 02/28/19
Matt Herman
Energy-Related Business Representative
Phone: 612-810-7007
Term Expires: 02/28/19
Jason Hoskins
Energy-Related Business Representative
Phone: 763-441-3282
Term Expires: 02/28/20
Asa Kingsbury
Commercial/Residential Customer Representative
Phone: 763-587-8765
Term Expires: 02/28/20
Jerry Olsen
Council/EDA Representative
Phone: 763-241-9396
Term Expires: 02/28/20
Tom Sagstetter 
Elk River Municipal Utilities Representative
Phone: 763-635-1332
Term Expires: 02/28/19