Completed Projects

The City of Elk River has several major projects that are currently underway, or have recently been completed. 

Comprehensive Plan Update

In September 2021, Elk River City Council approved the Comprehensive Plan Update, which serves as a 10-20-year roadmap for local elected officials to reference when making important decisions about development, transportation, parks and so much more. 

View the updated plan here.

Lake Orono Restoration and Enhancement Project (LORE)

The Lake Orono Restoration and Enhancement (LORE) project wrapped up this summer, allowing residents to enjoy the lake with some deeper areas and improved shorelines. 

In total, dredging removed just over 140,000 cubic yards of material from various locations within both the upper and lower portions of the lake. Shoreline restoration was completed along the point off Simonet Drive and along the west shoreline of the Orono Cemetery. Both now have shoreline vegetation with deep roots that will protect these areas from wave action and future erosion. 

Full details on the LORE project can be found here.