Permit Requirements

All permits require:

Work Description – please give us a detailed description of your project. “See Plan”, etc. will not be accepted. The more information you can provide, the better.

Property Address

Residential – must be a valid address or PID – information is taken from Sherburne County records and updated monthly. If an address or PID is not available, please check your address to verify if it is within another jurisdiction (The zip code 55330 covers a larger area than the actual city limits).

Commercial – verify correct address. If located where there are multiple addresses on a property, you may enter the assigned address to the parcel and update the number after.

For Permits not tied to a specific address (Street Disruption/ROW, RPZ, Grading), please type a very brief description (streets, intersections, etc. involved) in the “street” portion of the address.

Valuation – The estimate of the value/worth of the project in dollars. A helpful way to think about this is the cost of the labor & materials. If you are obtaining reduced costs (free/discounted labor and/or materials), please use current market prices, not your reduced numbers.

Submittal Documents Requirements:

*Please review the Permit Requirements Table to determine what is required for your specific permit & permit sub-type.

Documents must be:

In PDF Form. Please do not submit photos of your plans.

Legible – Review your documents to make sure everything is legible, especially when you zoom in. Send original electronic documents if possible or something that is scanned a maximum of one time. The more you scan, the less legible documents are. Again, do not send pictures of plans.

Labeled for easy identification (do not use a “scanner” document name such as SKM_C36822111615500). Having an applicable title on your document(s) helps Staff identify the document quickly and reduces confusion.

Reduced in size – Remove any unnecessary layers, etc. Smaller files upload quicker, which helps staff review your project in a timely fashion. Size limits may apply on the portal apply, as well.

Accessible – Permissions & Securities must be removed. You can tell if your pdf document is secured by looking at the title when you have the document open. If the document is secured, the word (SECURED) will be in parenthesis after the title. 

Commercial Projects: Please have your documents separated by type of plan (General, Civil, Architectural, Structural, etc.).