Multipurpose Facility Advisory Commission

Furniture and Things Community Event CenterThe Elk River City Council established a Multipurpose Facility Advisory Commission to receive community input regarding the use and development of the city’s new recreational facility, Furniture and Things Community Event Center. The advisory commission will identify and establish the mission, goals, values and ultimate vision for this community asset and use those to make recommendations on the operational policies and budget.

The Multipurpose Facility Advisory Commission  is made up of nine members appointed by the City Council with representatives from different youth associations that will use the facility for both ice and turf-field activities (this may include the Elk River Youth Football, Flag Football, Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse, Youth Hockey and/or Figure Skating Associations, a sitting councilmember, and an ISD #728 designee.

Agenda and meeting materials

Multipurpose Facility Advisory Commission Members

Mike Cunningham
ISD 728 Representative
Term Expires: 2/28/25
Jim Hecker
Senior Center Rep
Term Expires: 2/29/24
Greg Loidolt
Turf Rep (Baseball)
Term Expires: 2/29/24
Jacob Peterson
At-Large Representative
Term Expires: 2/28/26
Kara Walker
Figure Skating Club Rep
Term Expires: 2/28/25

Jennifer Wagner
Council Representative
Term Expires: 2/28/25
Michael Westgaard
Elk River Youth Hockey Rep
Term Expires: 2/28/26
David Williams
Turf Rep (Flag Football)
Term Expires: 2/28/26
Betsy Gulden
At-Large Representative
Phone: 612-669-4781
Term Expires: 2/29/24