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Together, Elk River’s Business Community Can ThriveTogether Elk River - LOGO

There’s a lot of uncertainty in our world and our community, but one thing is clear: small businesses in Elk River and surrounding communities need our support now more than ever. 

Together Elk River is a community initiative to encourage, engage, and support local businesses, non-profits, and neighbors in need through challenging times. 

We welcome the use and sharing of the Together Elk River logo. Please note, logo colors should not be modified or customized. Downloadable logo options can be found here. Please contact Sr. Communications Coordinator, Kaylin Clement for alternate formats or questions.

Together Elk River Spirit Week Returns September 20-24

The next Together Elk River Spirit Week is fast approaching - and this time, it’s all about the businesses! We’re giving businesses large and small throughout the community a chance to share their story, spotlight outstanding employees, recruit new employees and more with the daily themes listed below.

Use #TogetherElkRiverSupports when participating in any of the five spirit week activities and we’ll be sharing and shouting out to those contributing throughout the week. 

Businesses, keep in mind - your audience on social media is likely different than the Elk River City Government audience, the Elk River Economic Development Authority, and the Elk River Area Chamber’s audience - so why not create a few posts to promote your business, use #TogetherElkRiverSupports, and potentially have a brand-new set of eyes on your post through our daily shares and mentions?!

TER Spirit Week September 20-24

Theme Ideas for Businesses

Employee Spotlight Monday - September 20

  • Take a photo of an employee who deserves a shoutout, make it a cool action shot, or something engaging, and tell us who the employee is, what their job is, how long they’ve worked for you, and why they’re deserving some kudos! Make sure the employee is comfortable with potentially being on several social media platforms!

Team Recruiting Tuesday - September 21

  • Are you hiring? Do you have some cool job openings and unique positions you think the public would love to hear about? Take a photo, share some info about the position, and we’ll help spread the word with social media shares from your page!

Wayback Wednesday - September 22

  • Take this day as an opportunity to share a post about how your company got its start. Did you come up with your business doing something weird? Has it been in your family for several generations? Is there a little-known story/fact that made your business what it is today? This is a great way to promote not only what your business does today, but how it came to be! Who doesn’t love a great story when choosing a small business to patronize!?

Employee Benefit Thursday - September 23

  • Tell people why your staff love working for you! What is the best benefit offered by your company? It could be actual benefits (retirement, medical, etc.) but it could also be other forms of employee appreciation that make your staff feel valued.

Employee Spotlight Friday - September 24

  • See Monday’s description above.

Together Elk River is a partnership between Elk River’s Economic Development Authority and the Elk River Area Chamber of Commerce.