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Each month, Energy City Insights offers quick tips on environmentally friendly best practices residents can easily take on at home - from water conservation, home energy efficiency, recycling options and more!

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Drive Electric Week September 27Energy City Insights - Drive Electric Week at the Farmers Market

The week of September 27, 2021, is National Drive Electric Week! This nationwide celebration aims to raise awareness about hybrid and electric vehicles and the benefits they can provide. Events are taking place around the country to inform people about electric vehicles (EV), hear stories from current EV owners and share info about available vehicle options. There are more than 40 electric vehicle options for sale right now across the country in varying types, price points and features. 

Curious to know more? Electric vehicles solely use electricity via a battery and require charging. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) use both electricity and gasoline, typically using the electricity first and then drawing from the gas on longer trips. Both types of vehicles use significantly less gas and are very efficient. They require less maintenance than a typical vehicle and have instant torque to quickly speed up! EVs can be charged at home but also have the option to use public charging stations, Elk River is home to three public electric vehicle chargers.

Are you interested in learning more, seeing some EVs up close and learning about local rebates? Join city and ERMU staff members at the Elk River Farmers Market for the Drive Electric event on Thursday, September 30 from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m.

We are celebrating the 25th anniversary of Elk River being recognized as Energy City - and we’re using the next few months to gather feedback on energy-related topics, campaigns, and incentives, including transportation and electric vehicles! 

The first of a four-part survey is available now here.

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