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July Insight graphicCurbside Recycling & Trash in Elk River

Residents in Elk River are provided curbside recycling and trash service by either Randy’s Environmental Services or Republic Services. The city is broken up into collection zones to reduce the number of trucks on our streets and ensure efficiency in collection. In December 2020, Randy’s was acquired by Republic Services but very little has changed in Elk River since the transition. Both haulers, Republic and Randy' continue to operate and drive their trucks to service your home. 

Curbside Recycling

Recycling helps support our local markets and businesses statewide, generating profit. Annually, Minnesota recycling programs collect approximately 2.5 million tons of material worth $690 million. Recycling also creates jobs, employing approximately 37,000 people in this industry in Minnesota alone. Recycling also protects our environment. It takes significantly less energy to create goods like aluminum cans and paper from recycled material. Manufacturing products from recycled material also generates significantly less water pollution, protecting our beautiful lakes and streams. More information about recycling in Minnesota can be found on the Pollution Control Agency’s website

Curbside Carts

Did you know you can get another recycling cart at no extra cost? Elk River residents do not pay any additional fee for an extra recycling cart, and we would love you to recycle more! Are you not filling your trash cart? Consider getting a smaller cart to save money on your monthly bill.

Be sure your carts are out at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on your collection day, as well! Our haulers can begin pick up early in the morning and we do not want residents to miss pick-ups. Be sure your cart is behind the curb and out of the right-of-way. Haulers are equipped with long arms to grab carts, so there is no need for you to put carts in the street, where they could be hit by vehicles, snowplows, or cause obstructions for other motorists.

Service Changes and Driver Shortages

With the acquisition of Randy’s by Republic, you may notice some minor changes. Some Randy’s customers may receive blue Republic carts now. Do not be alarmed if your cart does not match that of your hauler or even your neighbors. Randy’s and Republic drivers know which homes to service on their routes, regardless of cart color. 

Please be aware, like many industries, solid waste providers have been experiencing post-pandemic laborer issues, specifically a shortage in waste collection drivers. This driver shortage may impact some of our services including cart delivery (for new homes or size changes). Both haulers are actively hiring and training new drivers in an effort to provide the best service possible to customers. These staffing changes can also affect the time for trash and recycling pick-ups, so be sure your cart is outside early, on collection day. Just because your collection is typically in the afternoon, doesn’t mean it will always be within that “normal” timeframe.

 Information about what can be recycled curbside, how to get a different size cart, and more can be found on the city website

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