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Energy City Insights - Summer Energy Tips

ECI_social_June-01Summer officially starts on June 21 despite temps already feeling like we’re in the heat of the summer season! Minnesota summers mean longer days, more time outside and the potential for higher energy bills as you work to cool your home. Implementing the following simple steps when it comes to energy use in your home can help save money and energy this summer:

  • Utilize Mother Nature! Open the windows on windy days to take advantage of the cross-wind to cool your home and turn off the air conditioner for the day.
  • Give your AC a tune up! Be sure to change your filter often and clean debris off the outside unit to allow for efficient air flow.
  • Proper window coverings make a difference! Warm sunshine in the winter months can help warm up your home but blocking out the afternoon sun during the summer can also help keep your house stay cool. Learn more about energy efficient window coverings.
  • Use (or install) ceiling fans! They can help cool your home by up to four degrees and lower your energy bill while keeping your home cool.
  • Bathroom fans help with cooling as well! These fans help remove heat and humidity from your home’s interior, which can make your house feel cooler and require less work by your air conditioner.
  • Don’t let the cool air escape! Weather-stripping doors and windows plus caulking cracks and gaps around your home can save up to 20% on your cooling costs and will be affective during the winter months too.
  • Upgrade your outdoor lighting! Utilizing LED bulbs and motion sensors for outdoor lighting can significantly reduce energy use any time of the year!

Elk River Residents: Elk River Municipal Utilities offers rebates on energy efficient equipment – everything from AC units to kitchen appliances. Be sure to check out their resources when you are looking to make upgrades in your home.

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