Extension Requests

We understand that unique circumstances may make it difficult for an owner/occupant to correct a violation within the time-frame originally specified on a Notice of Violations and Order to Correct (“Notice”). Per department policy (#8012), staff is allowed to grant a reasonable extension of time so that compliance can be achieved.

A request for an extension of time to comply with a Notice (“Extension Request”) must be submitted in writing, using the Request for Extension of Time to Obtain Compliance with a Notice of Violations and Order to Correct form. The Extension Request must be received by the city by the “abate by” date listed for the specific violation on the Notice. No extension will be granted if the request is received after the “abate by” date.

Each Extension Request will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration the following criteria:
1. A good faith effort has been/is being made to correct the violation(s).
2. The granting of the extension does not pose a significant risk to public safety, health, or welfare.
3. Undue hardship will result to the requesting party unless the extension is granted.

No time extension will be granted for violations that are deemed to be immediately dangerous to public safety, health, or welfare.

For additional information, contact the Rental Dwelling Licensing Division at 763-635-1075.