Opening a Business

The City of Elk River economic environment is thriving. Are you interested in opening a new business or expanding an existing business in Elk River? 

Click the links below in the step-by-step guide that best fit the potential business you're looking to open.This will guide you through the process.

Financial Incentives?

The city does offer financial incentives for your business.  Check out our Business Toolbox here.

Where can my potential business go?

The city is divided into different zones, which serve as an outline for where a business can be located. Click the link under "Commercial" or "Industrial" based on the type of business you're looking to open.

Retail salesLight Manufacturing (pre-made material used)
Business OfficeHeavy Manufacturing (raw material used)
Restaurant (class I or class II)Warehouse
FitnessOutdoor Storage
Religious InstitutionTruck Terminal
Medical/Dental ClinicMini Storage
Car Dealership
Salvage Yard (Junkyard)
Auto Repair