1. Quiet Zones
  2. Sherburne County Projects
  3. Pavement Management Program

As of February 2018 all rail crossings in the City of Elk River are a designated quiet zones. Rail Traffic will not sound their warning horns as they cross the vehicular crossings in the city.  

There are exceptions, and trains may sound their horns under certain conditions:

  • Starting to move after a complete stop, such as at the NorthStar Commuter Rail station.
  • When work is taking place along the tracks.
  • Situations where the train engineer feels the horn is needed for safety.

The City Council made a commitment to create a quiet zone in Elk River. With this direction, worked with the Federal Rail Authority; BNSF and the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) to obtain approvals and installation of all required safety devices at all of the crossings.