Rental Licensing Requirements

If you need to apply for an initial Rental Dwelling License, complete the online application.

A conversion fee of $300 applies to all single family homes that are being converted from owner-occupied to renter occupied. This includes duplexes and triplexes.

The following are excluded from the conversion fee:

  • Dwellings with a Certificate of Occupancy issued in the past 12 months (new construction).
  • Dwellings that have had a valid rental license within the past 12 months (excluding licenses that have lapsed).
  • Condominium, co-op, townhouse, and apartment buildings containing four or more units in which the building and individual units are owned and operated by a single party. 

Conversion Fee Discount

The conversion fee will be discounted to $150 if the owner can produce a certificate that they have completed a city-approved owner/tenant training program. The certificate must be submitted at the time the initial application is made. If the owner produces a certificate, within six months of making an initial application, the city will issue a refund for $150.

Many rental dwelling owners delegate day-to-day management and maintenance to professional property management companies and agents. In order to receive the discount, the property owner must still complete the training and produce the certificate. The owner on record will be validated against the records maintained by the Auditor/Treasurer’s Office at Sherburne County.  

If the property is owned by a business or corporation, the owner or at least one principal agent of the business or corporation may complete the training to receive the discount.


Education is one of the key components of ensuring a successful landlord-tenant-community relationship. The city encourages rental dwelling owners to partake in training programs to help minimize risk, mitigate problems, and to keep Elk River a vibrant community.

Nuisance property conditions, such as property damage and chronically-deferred maintenance, can combine with illegal behavior to reduce a neighborhood to a mere shell of the healthy community it once was. In frustration, we often look only to the police or “the system” for solutions and forget that landlords have tremendous power over the basic health and safety of the community.  

Computer-based training is available online through Rent Ed, an LSS Housing Services nonprofit service committed to building successful communities.  

All modules of the training must be completed to receive credit. To receive the conversion fee discount, provide a copy of your certificate to the city. Copies can be provided at the time the application is made (in person or via mail) or can be emailed.

Other Programs

If you have already attended a landlord-tenant training program, provide the city a copy of your certificate. Credit given to other programs will be considered on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration the content of the training. To receive credit, the program must include content in the following modules:

  • Basics of property owner/tenant laws
  • Tenant screening and selection
  • Lease agreements
  • Topics promoting a successful rental agreement
  • Housing Choice Vouchers and other rental subsidies
  • Property maintenance and repairs
  • Pests and infestations
  • Continuing and ending a tenancy