ISO Information

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) collects and evaluates information from communities in the United Sates on their structure fire suppression capabilities. The data is analyzed under their Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS) and then a Public Protection Classification (PPC) number from 1-10 is assigned to the community. ISO is an independent company that serves insurance companies, communities, fire departments, insurance regulators, and others by providing information about risk.

How FSRS Works

The FSRS lists a large number of items (facilities and practices) that a community should have to fight fires effectively. The schedule is performance based and assigns credit points for each item. Using the credit points and various formulas, ISO calculates a total score on a scale of 0 to 105.5.

PPC Program Criteria

The PPC Program evaluates communities based on the following criteria:

  • Needed Fire Flow - Representative building locations used to determine the theoretical amount of water necessary for fire suppression purposes.
  • Receiving and Handling Fire Alarms - Telephone systems, telephone lines, staffing, and dispatching systems. (10% of total classification)
  • Fire Department - Equipment, staffing, training, and geographic distribution of fire companies. (50% of total classification)
  • Water Supply - Condition and maintenance of hydrants, alternative water supply operations, and an evaluation of the amount of available water compared to the amount needed to suppress fires up to 3,500 gpm. (40% of total classification)

Elk River Fire Department ISO Information

The last ISO analysis of the Elk River Fire Department was conducted in 2017.

Elk River Fire Department is currently rated at a 4/10. 

In order to qualify for a 4 rating, you must reside within 5 miles of a fire station and 1,000 feet from a fire hydrant. The farther you are from either a fire station or water supply, will dictate your ISO rating up to a 10.

If you are an insurance agent seeking an ISO rating or you would like more information on ISO, visit their website or contact their Main Office at 856-985-5600.