Elk River Historical Walking Tour

Elk River Historic Downtown Walking Tour

The City of Elk River offers many amenities today for its current residents and visitors. Of these amenities, there are a number of historic features that can still be seen throughout the city on this self-guided tour.

Bailey Point Nature Preserve

At confluence of the Mississippi and Elk Rivers, 25 acres nature preserve are located where the battle of Elk River between the Objibwe and Dakotah Native American Tribes took place.

Elk River Water Tower

Elk River Water Tower was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2012 (#12000284).

Elkhi Stadium

Elkhi Stadium, also known as Handke Stadium (“The Pit”), was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2004 (#04000540).

Hitching Posts

Two hitching posts are still visible along Main Street.

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church

The building that can still be seen today was built in 1891 in its current location. Originally named Trinity Church, the church was renamed Holy Trinity Episcopal Church of Elk River in 1962.

Kemper Drug

Orono Cemetery

Orono Cemetery was originally established as a township cemetery and is the oldest cemetery in Elk River. This cemetery is the burial place for Elk River’s earliest members.

Rivers Edge Commons Park

The history of downtown Elk River and the Mississippi River are intimately intertwined. River's Edge Commons Park is located in the heart of downtown Elk River, Minnesota a reminder of this history.

Union Congregational Church

Union Congregational Church, the oldest church in Elk River, was built in its currently location in 1881. The stained glass windows are in memory of those serving in World War 1 from Elk River.

Vernon Cemetery

John Quincy Adams Nickerson and his wife, Julia Farnham Nickerson established Vernon Cemetery in honor of their young son, Vernon, who had drowned. The cemetery was deeded to the public in 1878