City Ordinances

Municode is responsible for the codification and publication of Elk River’s city code. This online service will easily and quickly allow you to search, browse, and view changes to ordinances.

Recently enacted ordinances not yet updated on Municode’s website are in the table below.

21-12 Master Fee Schedule 2022
21-13 Commercial Kennels
21-14 Natures Edge Zoning Map
22-01 Address Change 75-428-0001
22-02 Address Change 75-128-2310
22-03 Amending Master Fee Schedule
22-04 Amending Wine Licensing and Strong Beer Permission
22-05 Amending Administrative Review Process for Permitted Uses, City of Elk River
22-06 Establishing New Ward Boundaries
22-07 Amending Open Burning 
22-08 Amending Zoning MapRezone Certain Property to Highway Commercial
22-09 Amending Zoning Map: Rezone Certain Property to Planned Unit Development
22-10 Amending Zoning Map: Rezone Certain Property from Single Family Residential R1-b to Two Family Residential R2-b
22-11 Amending Chapter 30, Section 30-803, Animals
22-12 Amending Chapter 46, Section 46-34, Nuisances

 Questions? Please contact the Office of the City Clerk at 763-635-1000.