Naming Contest for Amenities at Woodland Trails Regional Park

Name the Archery RangeHere’s your chance to leave your mark on this community! The City of Elk River Parks and Recreation Department is accepting name submissions for the new archery range and nature play area at Woodland Trails Regional Park (20135 Elk Lake Rd.). We’re asking residents to share their catchy, clever, and cool name ideas for each area before Monday, October 26.

Please review the contest rules and selection process below before submitting your ideas through this Entry Form.

Contest Rules

  • Submit up to two name ideas for each amenity (archery range, nature play area).
  • Submit your entry online by midnight on Monday, October 26, 2020.
  • Suggestions for names must not infringe on any trademarks or licensed products. Names associated with natural features of the landscape (rivers, wetlands, etc.), natural resource-related attributes (wildlife, vegetation, geological feature), and historic significance or amenities are preferred for park properties.
  • Submissions should be one to three-word names that are concise and distinctive from a regional standpoint.
  • All current Elk River residents are eligible to participate in the naming contest.
  • City employees and their immediate family members are ineligible. Commission members and their immediate family members are also ineligible.
  • If more than one person submits the name chosen by the judges, all those with the selected submission will win.
  • The individual(s) who come up with the winning names will be notified via email and/or phone and will be featured on the City of Elk River website, be acknowledged at an Elk River City Council meeting, and be recognized on the city's social media channels.
  • The winner will be invited to participate in the grand opening/ribbon cutting of the park in the spring of 2021.

Selection Process

The Elk River Parks and Recreation Commission will review and select their favorite name submissions for the archery range and nature play area which will then be forwarded to the Mayor and Council for approval.

Naming Guidelines - Priorities to be considered in naming all city facilities, including parks and recreation facilities (in order of importance) shall be as follows:

  1. Historic Names. Names of historic events, groups, organizations, or persons at the local, regional, or national level of major significance with special consideration given to Elk River’s own history.
  2. Places and Feature Names.
    1. Recognizable area or neighborhood. Names that aid in locating a facility are acceptable. If the facility is located on a park or school site, the facility need not share the name of the park or school site.
    2. Assumed Names. Assumed names should be used only if the area has been known by that assumed name for an extended period of time. An example is the parcel of land known for decades as “Bailey Point,” located near downtown at the south end of Morton Avenue at the confluence of the Mississippi and Elk Rivers.  
    3. Natural Features. Natural features, such as rivers, creeks, and terrain.
    4. Horticultural Features. Horticultural features characteristic of a particular area.
  3. Individuals, Groups, or Organizations.  
  4. The following criteria will be used in evaluating the use of names of persons (whether living or deceased), groups, and organizations.
    1. General Criteria. Names of persons, groups or organizations having a longstanding affiliation with the City of ten (10) or more years of significant community service, involvement, or contributions beyond the ordinary interest level whose efforts have:
      1. Enhanced the quality of life and well-being of city residents;
      2. Contributed to the preservation of the city’s history or culture;
      3. Made exemplary or meritorious contributions to the city or its residents; or
      4. Contributed to the acquisition, development, or conveyance of land, buildings, structures, or other amenities to the city or community.
    2. Deceased Persons. To be considered for a naming opportunity, the individual must have been deceased for at least two (2) years.  Such individuals may include:
      1. Historic persons.
      2. National and/or local heroes. Those who have given outstanding service to mankind or who have worked over and above any ordinary interest level.  An Elk River area resident, who has attained local, state, or national recognition for parks and recreation work or work in the areas of public safety or public health, as appropriate to the facility, would be highly acceptable.
    3. Living Persons. Facilities may be named after living persons only after a study has been completed relative to the individual’s background and qualifications pursuant to the criteria in this policy.
    4. Groups and Organizations. Facilities may be named after groups or organizations pursuant to the criteria set forth in this policy or groups and organizations that wish to pursue a sponsorship agreement with the City of Elk River at a city-owned asset under control of the Parks and Recreation department.
  5. EXCEPTION: The exception to this policy in its entirety is a sponsorship agreement entered into between the city and a group or organization for a section within a city-owned property asset under control of the Parks and Recreation department, such as a concession stand, ice sheet, ballfield, Rivers Edge Commons upper plaza, multi-purpose room, etc.

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