Drainage Easements and Ditches

Drainage Easements

Drainage easements are in place to allow maintenance personnel/equipment access to various components of the cities drainage infrastructure.  Staff inspects and periodically maintains the storm water system.  Please refrain from constructing items within the drainage easements i.e. fences, swing sets, play structures, or heavy plantings of trees and shrubs. Please help keep street catch basins free of debris. If you notice trees or vegetation in the Stormwater Outlet please call the Street Dept. for an inspection at 763.635.1120.

For further information on the city's Storm Water Program.



Sherburne County ditches are numbered from 1-36. In Sherburne County the "Ditch Authority" is the County Board. Please Contact the Sherburne County Ditch and Drainage Technician at  763-765-3362.