The Elk River Fire Department is comprised of 45 paid on-call firefighters. Most on-call firefighters have regular full-time careers outside of their part-time position with the city. When an emergency occurs, firefighters are alerted via a tone/voice pager. 

Becoming part of the Team

Becoming an Elk River firefighter is a competitive process. To help ensure an adequate response time, every Elk River on-call firefighter must live within a pre-defined geographical area within the city. Once selected for a position, new firefighters must complete upwards of 200 hours of required training during their initial probationary period. This training includes tactics on fire suppression, search and rescue, emergency medicine, hazardous materials, and a myriad of other topics.

Compensation and Benefits

All on-call firefighters are part-time employees of the city and are compensated for actual hours worked, including emergency responses, training and special events. Through the Elk River Fire Department Relief Association, every on-call firefighter also earns a pension of $6,285/year, which is paid in-full after 20 years of active service.

For further information about becoming part of the team, contact the Fire Department at 763-635-1100.