Community Enhancement Program

Code Truck Community Enhancement Program

Elk River residents take great pride in our neighborhoods and community. Your city council has adopted a standard reflecting that pride and to promote healthy, safe, and high quality neighborhoods.

Elk River's Code Enforcement Division contributes to enhancing neighborhoods by enforcing rules pertaining to property maintenance, setback requirements, commercial signage, and various nuisance standards. 


While code enforcement primarily maintains quality of life standards, it also plays an important role in the early identification of unsafe entry points, exterior hazards, public health hazard mitigation, and ensuring compliance with humane pet standards. 

Common Code Violations

Click here to check out the most common violations in Elk River.

To submit a potential code violation call 763.635.2633 or fill out an online report. You have the option to remain anonymous and all information provided is confidential.

City Code

Municode is responsible for the codification and publication of Elk River's city code. Click here to search, browse, or view changes to Elk River ordinances.