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Franchise Fee
The Elk River City Council approved a new policy to fund the city street system.This new pavement management program is funded through the collection of a dedicated franchise fee on all electric and gas bills, instead of assessing street improvement project costs to adjacent properties. The fees began on all residential, commercial, and industrial gas and electric bills in July of 2013. More information can be read in our FAQs section.

The fee will fund regular maintenance projects, including overlays and reconstruction, to prolong the life-cycle of streets to 50-60 years. The average life expectancy of local streets is approximately 25-30 years without ongoing maintenance. Information on the pavement management program and the streets scheduled for maintenance in the next 5 years can be found on the Engineering Projects Page.

Property owners who were recently imposed a street assessment that was either paid in full or is being paid in annual installments with property taxes, may be entitled to apply for an annual rebate of the franchise fee payment through the term of the levied assessment. Eligible property owners will receive a letter and rebate form via US Mail in mid-December with details. Please contact 763.635.1000 if you have questions about the franchise fee rebate program.