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Who's Your Neighbor? 
Elk River Neighborhood Crime Watch                                               

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Night to Unite
Come join the celebration!  Neighborhood registrations are now underway for this year's Night to Unite. Register your block party with the police department by July 21, to ensure police department participation at your event.  For more information about Night to Unite or how to host an event in your neighborhood, please contact the Elk River Police Department at 763.635.1265.  Fill Out Application

SkimStop Program
Helps Protect You at the Pump

The Elk River Police Department is partnering with local businesses to safeguard your credit account information when you use a credit card at the gas pump.  SkimStop is a program created by the Eagan Police Department and is being adopted by other law enforcement agencies throughout the state.   Participating stations agree to an initial inspection of their gas pumps to verify that no “Skimming” devices have been attached.  Businesses then agree to check their gas pumps daily and place a security seal on the credit card terminals and access points.  The police department also conducts periodic inspections of the daily logs to ensure businesses are compliant with the program requirements.  It is recommended that consumers routinely monitor their credit and debit cards for unauthorized activity whereas criminals are always looking for new ways to steal your account information.

What is skimming? A small device is attached to a credit card terminal that captures your credit card data. In almost all cases you have no way of knowing the device is there.  These skimming devices are capable of recording a thousand transactions. Once the thieves have your information they can quickly create a cloned card or use your information on-line and start their spending spree.  They can make off with hundreds of thousands of dollars with very little risk. 

When you see this SkimStop sticker, you will know that the business & local law enforcement are keeping an eye on that pump.


Vehicle Theft Prevention Video
Protect your belongings

Crime Prevention Reminders

IRS Phone Scam

Juvenile Criminal Information

A juvenile criminal charge can limit a young person's future opportunities.
Please read the below link for more facts and information about juvenile records.
Collateral Consequences