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Road Maintenance - Select Title for More Information
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Dead Animal Removal

The Street Department is responsible for removing dead animals from city road right-of-way. Animals that have wandered off the road onto residential property will not be removed.

Drainage Easements - Ditches.jpg

Drainage Easements and Ditches

Drainage easements are in place to allow maintenance personnel/equipment access to various components of the cities drainage infrastructure.



The mechanics in Equipment Services maintain and repair over 360 motorized vehicles.

Gravel Road Maint.jpg

Gravel Road Maintenance

The Street Department is responsible for the maintenance of all gravel roads within the city.

Pot Hole Repair2.jpg

Pothole Repair

The Street Department is responsible for patching and repairing potholes in all city streets.


Right-of-Way Maintenance

The Street Department is responsible for maintaining the road R.O.W. The R.O.W. is the portion of city owned property on the outside edges of the street.

Seal Coat.jpg


Sealcoating your neighborhood streets is much the same as painting your house. Natural elements such as moisture, heat, sunlight itself all play a part in the deterioration of a streets surface.



The Sign Shop oversees the fabrication, inventory, installation, and maintenance of all the traffic, parking, and specialty signage in the city.

Snow Ice Control2.jpg

Snow and Ice Control

The city follows Snow and Ice Control Policy as closely as possible. Each snow or ice event is unique to itself. Plowing personnel are called out as conditions dictate.

Traffic Light.jpg

Street Lights and Traffic Signals

Street lights are installed and repaired by the Elk River Municipal Utilities. Most of Elk River’s traffic signals are repaired and monitored by MnDot employees from the St. Cloud area.

Street Sweeping.jpg

Street Sweeping

Cleaning city streets provides safe conditions for all modes of transportation. This includes sweeping and flushing services for over 360 lanes miles of streets.