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Sign Requests and Permit Info
Damaged or vandalized sign?Signs Permits.png
Contact the Street Department at 763.635.1120
You can also request/report online.

Signs in Right-of-Ways
Any signs attached to trees, utility poles, public benches, or streetlights, or placed on any public property or public right-of-way are prohibited.
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Children at Play Signs
Did you know that it is unsafe to install Children at Play signs in neighborhoods?
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Planning Department
Did you know some signs require a permit?

Stop Signs
Residents often request the installation of a stop sign to reduce speeding or correct other traffic problems in their neighborhood.  Staff reviews and makes recommendations to the City Council on placement of stop signs based on set criteria laid out in the Minnesota Manual on Uniform Traffic Control devises.  Here is short video explaining the main purpose of a stop sign and the analysis staff goes through in recommending their uses.  
If specific traffic conditions are met that warrant the use of a stop sign, staff will get approval from the City Council authorizing its placement.

Speed Bumps
The City of Elk River does not install speed bumps on our public streets for the following reasons:

  • Maintenance activities, including snow plowing, is difficult to accomplish.
  • Speeds may increase between humps as drivers speed to make up for lost time.
  • Speed humps cause delays for police and fire vehicles of 3 to 10 seconds per hump.
  • Speeds may increase over time as drivers get use to the feel of the speed humps.
  • Traffic volume may be diverted to adjacent streets as drivers seek alternate routes to avoid the speed humps.
  • Some motorists drive with their wheel(s) in the gutter, bike lane, or road shoulder in order to minimize the impact of the humps.
  • Noise levels may increase as drivers brake and accelerate at speed humps.
  • Speed humps may have a negative impact on air quality and energy consumption due to increased slowing and braking.
  • Motorcycles, bicycles, and low clearance vehicles must use extra care.