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City Council Paints the Future of Elk River

City Council 2017_thumb.jpg
Why do people volunteer to serve on the City Council?  Frequently, because they have a vision they wish to share with their community and a passion to serve others ensuring the place they live and work will be as beautiful and vibrant for their children as it is today.

Mayor Dietz and Councilmembers Jerry Olsen, Matt Westgaard, Barbara Burandt, and Jennifer Wagner have adopted a vision statement for Elk River incorporating their thoughts and resident feedback.

Abounding in natural beauty, Elk River is a vibrant, historic river town that promotes an active lifestyle in an innovative and involved community offering unlimited opportunities.

To bring the Elk River Vision to life, they have identified goals and tasks that match the vision statement. Goals are reviewed, discussed, and updated every two years as tasks are accomplished and as priorities change. Specific tasks are linked to each goal.

Innovation: Develop new programs and services to meet the needs of the community.

Community Development: Enhance and expand community involvement and public participation through a variety of innovative outlets.

Beautification: Have attractive, welcoming streetscapes at city entrances and primary corridors.  Enforce zoning ordinances.

Foster a pro-business atmosphere that provides incentives and other opportunities for new and existing business growth.

Planning and Positioning: Employ resources toward long range benefit to the community.

The vision statement is a living account highlighting the image and expectations for the community. As our community changes and grows, so do the opportunities and the tasks required to meet the vision. The established goals serve as a framework to maintain and improve the vision for Elk River and will guide decisions that impact our community for many years.

As a valued member of our community, your thoughts and expectations for Elk River’s future are very important in establishing and maintaining our vision and the tasks needed to meet community goals. We encourage your thoughts through letters, email, social media, or by contacting your council representative. You can also respond online through Elk River Listens, an open community forum to contribute your ideas for the vision of Elk River.