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Land Use Applications - Select titles to view applications

Deadline for Applications

Due last Monday of every month by 4:30 p.m. If Monday is a holiday, applications are due the following Tuesday by 4:30 p.m. Applications may be accepted up to one week prior to the deadline date.

Land Use App Form.png

Land Use Application Form

This Land Use Application Form needs to be completed in addition to the individual applications for any of the following requests listed below:

Simple Plat.png

Administrative Subdivision by Simple Plat

Utilized for property with a metes & bounds description where the result will be 4 or fewer lots & not require the dedication of public right of way & the property has no previously been subdivided.

Concept Review.png

Concept Review

City Council review to address the appropriateness of a development proposal prior to full application.


Conditional Use Permit (CUP)

Used to regulate property uses that might have detrimental effects on the community.

Easement Vacation.png

Easement Vacation

A complete or partial abandonment or termination of the easement that grants rights to a prescribed user or users.

General Planning Permit.png

General Planning Permit

A permit for activities like temporary garden centers, firework tents, and Christmas tree sales.


Interim Use Permit

A time certain permit used to regulate property uses that might have detrimental effects on the community.


Land Use Amendment

A process to amend how land is occupied or utilized.

Lot Split_thumb.png

Lot Split Subdivision

For property that has been previously platted that will be divided into 2 buildable lots, not require dedication of public right of way for purposes of gaining access to the subdivided property, and the property has not previously been the subject of division by either lot split or simple plat.


Ordinance Amendment

A process to amend a law or regulation set forth and adopted by the city.

Permitted Home Occupation.png

Permitted Home Occupation

A permitted occupation carried on in a dwelling unit by the resident.

Prelim Plat.png

Plat, Preliminary

The preliminary map or drawing indicating the proposed layout of the subdivision to be submitted to the planning commission and city council for their consideration.

Final Plat.png

Plat, Final

The final map or drawing which the subdivider's plan of subdivision is presented to the city council for approval.

Site Plan Review.png

Site Plan Review

A internal review of a site plan of any public or private project by the city.

Subdivision Exception.png

Subdivision Exceptions

For property that is being subdivided (new lots are created) but not requiring platting as indicated in the exceptions outlined in Sec. 30-352 (b) of the city code.

Subdivision Exception_75x75_thumb.png

Subdivision Exemption

A boundary line adjustment or lot combination that is not a subdivision of property (no new lots are being created) and is exempt from subdivision requirements.


Variance or Appeal of Zoning Decision

A departure from any provision of the zoning requirements for a specific parcel. A variance may not be granted which would allow the use of property in a manner not permitted within the applicable zoning district.

Zone Change.png

Zone Change

Zoning specifies allowable uses on a parcel. A zone change is process to formally change the zoning of a parcel to possibly allow different uses.